Biden’s Executive Overreach: A Dangerous Path to 800,000 New Democrat Voters

In a bold and controversial move, the Biden administration is considering allowing both legal immigrants (without work authorization) and illegal immigrants married to US citizens the right to work, potentially paving the way for up to 800,000 individuals to gain citizenship. This decision is not an attempt to address labor shortages but a calculated political maneuver to bolster Democratic voter rolls. By bypassing Congress with executive orders, Biden is not only overstepping his constitutional boundaries but also undermining the democratic process.

A Political Maneuver Disguised as Compassion

The Biden administration’s plan to protect illegals from deportation is presented as a humanitarian effort to fill gaps in the labor market. However, the true intention behind this initiative is clear: to create a significant number of new Democrat voters. This strategy exploits the vulnerabilities of immigrant workers, offering them citizenship in exchange for political loyalty, and most importantly, harming Americans.

The proposal comes at a time when the Democratic Party is facing dwindling support and growing discontent among the American populace. By granting citizenship to 800,000 new workers, the Biden administration hopes to secure a loyal voter base that will ensure their political survival in future elections. This move is not about compassion; it is about power.

Bypassing Congress: An Abuse of Executive Power

President Biden’s approach to implementing this policy through executive orders raises serious constitutional concerns. The use of executive power to bypass Congress is an alarming trend that undermines the checks and balances designed to prevent any branch of government from becoming too powerful. This executive overreach is a direct assault on the legislative process and sets a dangerous precedent for future administrations.

The Constitution grants Congress the authority to make immigration laws. By sidestepping this process, Biden is effectively usurping the legislative power that belongs to the people’s representatives. This not only erodes trust in the democratic system but also weakens the very foundation of our government.

Impact on American Workers

While the administration claims that this policy will address labor shortages, it fails to consider the adverse effects on American workers. By flooding the labor market with newly legalized workers, wages for American citizens are likely to stagnate or even decline. This influx of labor will disproportionately affect low-income and working-class Americans, who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Moreover, this policy ignores the root causes of labor shortages, such as inadequate training programs and barriers to employment for American citizens. Instead of addressing these issues, the Biden administration is opting for a quick fix that serves their political agenda while ignoring the long-term consequences for American workers.

Undermining National Security

Another significant concern is the potential impact on national security. By granting protection to such a large number of individuals without thorough vetting, the administration is opening the door to potential security risks. This hasty approach to immigration policy can lead to unintended consequences, including the possibility of allowing individuals with criminal backgrounds or ties to terrorist organizations to remain in the country.

The Need for a Comprehensive Immigration Reform

While the plight of illegal immigrants is a serious issue that needs addressing, the solution lies in comprehensive immigration reform, not executive orders. Such reform should involve a bipartisan effort to create a fair and effective immigration system that balances the needs of the economy with the importance of national security and the rule of law. Only allow in people who love America, the US Constitution, and who can speak English.


President Biden’s plan to grant temporary protection to immigrant workers is a thinly veiled attempt to increase the number of Democrat voters. By bypassing Congress and using executive orders, Biden is undermining the democratic process and abusing his executive power. This policy not only threatens American workers but also poses significant national security risks. It is imperative that we address immigration issues through comprehensive reform rather than through politically motivated executive actions.