Biden’s Faltering Leadership

“President Biden is in trouble politically — he’s polling right up there with fungal infections,” says Senator Kennedy.

President Joe Biden is set to sign a limited executive order on immigration Tuesday afternoon, despite his earlier claims that he lacked the authority to address the crisis he contributed to. This move appears to be a clearly political effort to boost his job approval ahead of November’s election. Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana, known for his distinctive style, explained Tuesday morning why he sees through the maneuver — and why mainstream reporters sympathetic to Biden should be skeptical as well. As Kennedy put it, “President Biden’s leadership is causing real pain for the American people.”

Inflation and Economic Woes

Senator Kennedy pinpointed the economic struggles as a primary reason for Biden’s political troubles. Inflation continues to plague American households, eroding their purchasing power and making everyday life more difficult. The administration’s policies, Kennedy argues, have exacerbated these issues rather than alleviating them. “Inflation is destroying the American dream,” Kennedy stated, emphasizing that Biden’s economic approach, marked by excessive spending and regulatory overreach, has stoked inflation and failed to deliver promised prosperity.

Foreign Policy Failures

Kennedy also criticized Biden’s handling of foreign policy. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the perceived weakness in confronting adversaries like Russia and China, and the overall lack of a coherent strategy have undermined America’s standing on the global stage. “The Biden administration has projected weakness on the world stage,” Kennedy said. These failures have not only damaged international relations but also shaken the confidence of the American public in Biden’s ability to lead.

Immigration Crisis

The ongoing crisis at the southern border is another significant factor in Biden’s political troubles. Kennedy emphasized that the administration’s lax immigration policies have led to a surge in illegal crossings, straining resources and creating security concerns. “Our border is wide open, and it’s a direct result of President Biden’s policies,” Kennedy remarked. This situation has not been adequately addressed, leaving many Americans feeling vulnerable and ignored by their government.

Declining Approval Ratings

Biden’s approval ratings have been steadily declining, reflecting growing dissatisfaction among voters. Kennedy pointed out that the president’s inability to effectively address pressing issues like inflation, crime, and immigration has led to a loss of trust. “The American people are fed up with President Biden’s incompetence,” Kennedy stated. Voters are increasingly questioning Biden’s competency and leadership, as evidenced by the dwindling support in recent polls.

The 2024 Election Outlook

Looking ahead to the 2024 election, Kennedy suggested that Biden’s political troubles could have significant implications. The combination of economic hardship, foreign policy blunders, and domestic crises may pave the way for a Republican resurgence. “The American people are ready for change,” Kennedy observed, adding that voters are likely to seek a leader who can restore confidence and stability.


Senator John Kennedy’s assessment of President Biden’s political situation highlights several critical issues that are contributing to the president’s declining fortunes. From economic woes to foreign policy failures and the ongoing immigration crisis, Biden’s leadership is being called into question. As the 2024 election approaches, these challenges could have profound implications for the future of American politics.