The Biden administration proudly touts the creation of millions of jobs, presenting it as a sign of a recovered economy. However, a closer look reveals that this jobs boom is largely artificial, propped up by government spending and misleading job classifications. Let’s dive into how this illusion of job growth has been crafted.

Government Jobs Inflate Numbers

President Biden boasted of creating 303,000 new jobs in March, contributing to a total of 15 million jobs since he took office. However, a significant portion of these jobs—71,000, or roughly one in four—are government positions. Another 72,000 jobs came from the healthcare industry, which is heavily funded by the government, and 9,000 from social assistance or welfare programs. This means about half of the supposed job growth is directly funded by taxpayers.

The New York City Illusion

New York City officials claimed they had recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic. Yet, Bloomberg reports that virtually all new jobs in the last year were in home healthcare, which is technically classified as private employment but is primarily funded through public programs like Medicaid. Meanwhile, genuine private sector jobs have been disappearing. This scenario gives a false sense of economic growth when, in reality, it’s just an expansion of Medicaid.

Nationwide Trends

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 175,000 new jobs in April, with the majority (95,000) in private education and health services. The most significant growth area is in home health and personal care aides, projected to increase by 804,000 jobs. This trend is driven not by sudden demographic shifts but by increased healthcare spending.

Medicaid’s Role in Job Creation

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act required states to keep people on Medicaid, leading to a continuous rise in enrollment. In New York, Medicaid spending reached $100 billion, with 40% of the state’s population enrolled. The city’s strategy involved paying family members to care for Medicaid recipients, classifying them as “private sector” workers and drastically inflating job numbers.

Expanding the Healthcare Workforce

The Biden administration’s Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has been promoting an expansion in home healthcare workers, with significant funding boosts from programs like the American Rescue Plan. Democrat-led states have utilized these funds to increase their workforce, particularly in home healthcare.

Welfare and Healthcare Dominance

Front Page Investigates (FCI) found that 10% of new jobs in January came from social assistance. In April, the BLS reported 31,000 new jobs in social assistance out of a total of 175,000. This trend indicates that welfare and healthcare are the primary sources of job growth under Biden, pointing to a faltering economy rather than a robust recovery.

The Bigger Picture

The Biden administration’s approach to job creation relies heavily on government spending, creating temporary market boosts but failing to generate sustainable private sector jobs. This strategy leads to a bloated government payroll and increased welfare dependency, benefiting the administration’s voter base but harming the overall economy.


The supposed jobs boom under Biden is a facade, masking an economy propped up by government spending and misleading job classifications. Instead of fostering genuine economic growth, the administration has created an illusion of prosperity while pushing the country further into debt. This approach is unsustainable and ultimately detrimental to America’s economic health.